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This is my step by step process of how I go about creating and editing story through video. I interwine creative concepts with technical editing to give you a roadmap of how to make a great video.


Based off of my live seminar “Video Editing Hacks for Storytelling: Techniques, Tips & Tricks”, this document encompasses what I’ve developed and learned over my 15 years of producing and editing in order to tell the most unique and entertaining stories from even the most simple of subjects.


About Joseph:

Joseph is a 10-time Emmy Award winning documentary producer and editor. Formerly working with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and NHL’s Buffalo Sabres creating their social video content, behind the scenes documentaries, ad campaigns, and in-arena video board content. His original YouTube series has over 5 million views and 38k+ subscribers. Joseph has a rising social media presence gaining over 70k TikTok followers and 20 million views in the past few months. 

How to Tell a Story through Video Editing

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