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Top 10 Canadian Gifts to get your American Friends

My American Friend Jason and I have been making YouTube videos comparing our two countries for a few years now. We’ve done 3 Christmas episodes where we've exchanged American and Canadian gifts, but these can be given at any time! So based on this, I’ve compiled the TOP 10 Canadian gifts to give your American friends, plus some extra honourable mentions!

1. Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce. This Canadian restaurant's chicken sauce dip is a staple. If your American friend has heard about it, they'll love it, if they haven't, they'll love it. For Canadians it might be old news, but if it's not readily available at every corner, you appreciate it more. So give it! The things you can't have are always better.

2. Caesar (Clamato, Rimmer). It ain't no Bloody Mary, it's much better. Put together a 'make your own caesar' kit and rush it across the border before they have a chance to refute. In fact, get them a Caesar ornament so they never forget (from

3. Coffee Crisp, Oh Henry, Mr. Big, Areo, Smarties. There are so many things the US doesn't have that blows my mind, one of those is some of our best chocolate bars. For me, Coffee Crisp is number one, so start with that. We did a deep dive into American vs. Canadian candy in our Halloween video. You'll learn a lot, we sure did, like never eat that much candy in one sitting.

4. Ketchup Chips, and socks? The most obvious flavour for a chip, the US doesn't have (it's potato and ketchup...obvious, no?) So pick a brand and get them a bag or seven. You can also get them some Ketchup chip socks! We did a whole video about Ketchup chips, too!

5. Cookies. The US might have the worlds most Oreo flavours, but they're lacking on variety of other cookies. The Decadent chocolate chip cookie by PC is one. In my opinion it's the best mass produced chocolate chip cookie you can get. More notable mentions: Mr. Christie Arrowroot baby cookies, Fudgeeo's, and Milano giant lady fingers. I know there's more, comment with your favs please!

6. Bagged Milk, in ornament form. Another Canadian (or mainly Ontario/Quebec) staple, bagged milk is something that will always baffle and amuse Americans. So save them the spillage and commemorate this uniquely Canadian thing with an ornament (from Fun fact, our first ever video was me taking Jason into a Canadian grocery store (No Frills) and showing him bagged milk!

7. Tim Hortons Coffee & Timbits Cereal. This is controversial because every Canadian has a love/hate relationship with Tim Hortons. But most Americans can't get it, so stop thinking about yourself and give them a can of Tim's coffee grounds. If you're SO against it, at least get them some Tim Hortons Timbit cereal. Go with the Birthday cake, its not only better, but the chocolate glaze cereal is pretty similar to other cereals availabe in the US. In fact the Tim's mocha cereal is exactly the same as the Dunkin' Caramel Macchiato cereal. They've just repackaged it. We have a video where Jason and I taste test Timbits Cereal!

8. Tetley Tea. A simple cup of tea, so un-American, but so good. If Ted Lasso has done anything (and it's done a lot) is it's brought the tea conversation to millions of Americans. So give them a box of tea bags found in every grocery store in Canada, Tetley! Their reaction will likely be similar to Jason's in the video :D (skip to 21:50)

9. Plum Sauce. There's always a small piece of a Canadian fridge designated for a bottle of plum sauce. It comes standard with every plate of chicken fingers. Not in the US though! They've never heard of it, or some may say it's what they call "Duck" sauce, but it isn't easily available or popular. I'm told it usually comes in small packets with an order of Chinese food. Is it even the same thing? Let me know.

10. AmeriCAN shirt. Ok full disclosure, we made this shirt! Only because there was nothing like it to represent our cross-border friendship. It's meant to show that even though we're from different countries, the differences are to be debated and celebrated, thus bringing us closer together as friends and nations. It's a reach across the aisle to say "hey, you're alright!" Makes the perfect gift for your American friend, spouse, partner, or even yourself! You can browse our store here, there's many styles, sizes and colours. In fact, we even have a poutine shirt!

Honourable Mentions... there's so much more, here are a few:

  • Maple Syrup - We did a full episode comparing Maple syrup from the US and Canada, and the truth is, it's up to you to decide what your favourite is and give it as a gift. For ease, Jakeman's usually packages it up real nice inside a glass maple leaf! Just be careful, most of these syrups are a combination of many different syrups from different farms. Yes, it's still considered "pure". Watch our episode, we discover it all!

  • Jos Louis - A light fluffy delicious thing they will love.

  • Canadian Corn Pops - The US Corn Pops are a completely different cereal. Yes, it's true. We did a taste test comparison here. Get them the Canadian version and blow their minds.

  • All Dressed Chips - Another favourite they don't have! Why not!?

  • PC brand Chips - PC has come out with a bunch of wild and fun flavours, but also some that are uniquely Canada, like Poutine!

  • Kraft Dinner - They call it Mac & Cheese. Both made by Kraft, but very different tastes. As you would expect, we did a video on this with a taste test! Another one to give and try!

  • Kraft Peanut Butter - They have Kraft, but not the peanut butter. How strange.

  • Cheese Curds - They're hard to find in the US, just leave them with proper poutine instructions. I've seen enough gross photos of poutine attempts by US restaurants to convince me that they need to be chewed out by a Canadian.

Well there you have it. The best things to gift your American friends. We have a ton of fun comparing our countries, and we hope these gifts will start a conversation in your own world and maybe spur on some friendly competition!

Head over to our YouTube page to see all the American vs. Canadian comparisons we've done (I've listed them below with links so you can get right to what you're most interested in!) Thanks for reading!


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Buy some Canadian/American things yourself…

*Coffee Crisp (Canadian chocolate bar)

*Whatchamacallit (US chocolate bar)

*Tim Hortons Coffee:

*Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

*Canadian Corn Pops

*Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce:

*Timbits Cereal:

*Oh Henry (CAN chocolate bar)

*Kraft Dinner (Mac n' Cheese)

*Kraft Peanut Butter

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lourdes sadiua
lourdes sadiua
12 de mar. de 2023

Why not Montreal Style Bagels?? San Viateur, Kettleman, etc) I load tons of them in my car for my friends and family in New York/ New Jersey. Far better than any Manhattan or New York style bagel. They can be frozen and just a few minutes in the toaster and some butter and jam accompaniment will delight the harshest bagel critic!

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